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Two sagegrouse. BLM photo

Greater Sage-Grouse in Oregon

BLM Oregon Sagegrouse mapIf you’re interested in Greater Sage- Grouse habitat in the area of: Andrews Management Area; Baker; Brothers/Lapine; Lakeview; Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area; Three Rivers; Southeast Oregon; Upper Deschutes.

With 13 percent of the Priority Areas for Conservation, southeastern Oregon is the western anchor of the greater sage-grouse range. Oregon has adopted a regulatory-based state plan with an all-lands approach to address the primary threats of invasive species and rangeland fire. In September 2015, Oregon’s Governor signed an Executive Order adopting the state’s 2015 conservation plan, which increases wildfire suppression, regulates, mitigates, and tracks all development in sage-grouse habitat, and directs all state agencies to ensure the plan’s programs are implemented.

The Oregon plan builds on the core area strategy utilized by Wyoming and Montana to address all sage-grouse habitats on approximately 15 million acres of all landownership types. 

Download the Oregon Fact Sheet.

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