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Greater Sage-Grouse

Greater Sage-Grouse in the Dakotas

BLM Dakotas Sagegrouse MapIf you’re interested in Greater Sage-Grouse habitat in the area of: Southwest North Dakota.

The Dakotas are on the far eastern edge of greater sage-grouse range and the two states’ populations are considered at high risk of extirpation because of their small numbers and isolation.

In 2014, only 31 males were counted on North Dakota leks and 67 males were counted on South Dakota leks (across 21 leks, which represent the vast majority of known leks in South Dakota). Populations this small could be vulnerable to a single calamitous event, such as a disease outbreak or severe drought.

Energy development, disease and fragmentation are seen as the predominant threats in the few counties where they persist. Greater sage-grouse in the Dakotas were historically connected with populations in eastern Montana, though it is unclear how many birds move between the states.

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