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Sagegrouse habitat in California. BLM photo

Greater Sage-Grouse in Nevada and Northeastern California

BLM California-Nevada Sagegrouse MapIf you’re interested in Greater Sage- Grouse habitat in the area of: Alturas; Eagle Lake; Surprise Field Office (Cedarville)

The state of Nevada, along with a small portion of eastern California along the state boundary, is a key region to the conservation of greater sagegrouse. Nevada has more area recognized as Priority Areas for Conservation for the species as outlined by the Conservation Objectives Team Report than any other state except Wyoming. In addition to the greater sage-grouse, the region’s sagebrush ecosystem is the home to more than 350 wildlife species thought to be locally or regionally imperiled, such as Brewer’s sparrow and the pygmy rabbit. Trends in greater sage-grouse numbers since the mid 1960’s have shown long term declines in most populations.

Invasive plant species and wildfires are the primary threats to the bird in the Great Basin region and are a leading cause of sagebrush habitat loss. Because 86 percent of Nevada’s population is managed by the federal government, federal agencies are working collaboratively to take appropriate action to proactively manage these threats. 

Download the California-Nevada Fact Sheet.

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