Large fire medical unit under yellow tents

Alaska Fire Medic Program

The Alaska Fire Medic Program (FMP) provides on-incident medical support to wildfires in Alaska. The State of Alaska Division of Forestry and the BLM Alaska Fire Service co-sponsor the program, which consists of specially-trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics and medical equipment designed to deliver high-quality medical care in remote and austere settings.

If you are interested in becoming an Alaska Fire Medic, contact Evan Sterling at BLM Alaska Fire Service at or 907-356-5872 or David Calvert at the Alaska Division of Forestry at or 907-707-9197.

Program Contacts

Duty Officer
(907) 356-5865

Evan Sterling, BLM Alaska Fire Service
(907) 356-5872

David Calvert, Alaska Division of Forestry
(907) 761-6374