Idaho Featured Partners

Partners help the BLM identify, record, protect monitor and provide public outreach about cultural resources on Idaho public lands. 

Arctodus Giant Short Faced Bear at the Idaho Museum of Natural History
Arctodus Giant Short Faced Bear at the Idaho Museum of Natural History.
  • Idaho Museum of Natural History at Idaho State University: Serves as the state of Idaho’s designated repository for archaeological collections and data. 
  • Idaho State Historic Preservation Office: Supports Idaho Archaeology Month and develops archaeology education  programs and materials including
  • Project Archaeology: Project Archaeology is an educational organization dedicated to teaching scientific and historical inquiry, cultural understanding and the importance of protecting our nation’s rich cultural resources. This national network of archaeologists, educators and concerned citizens are working to make archaeology education accessible to students and teachers through high-quality educational materials and professional development. 
  • Digital Atlas of Idaho: Provides information on Idaho geology and paleontology.
  • Idaho Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month: Each year the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office organizes and promotes statewide opportunities for the public to learn about Idaho archaeology, history and historic preservation.  This is a celebration of everything dealing with Idaho's archaeology and history.  Events, presentations and programs have been reaching all corners of the state for over 25 years.  Please join us in the celebration by attending one of our sponsored events.