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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Planning Form and Database for a Standardized Internet Presence

Instruction Memorandum

United States Department of the Interior BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Oregon State Office P.O. Box 2965 Portland, Oregon 97208 In Reply Refer to: 1790 (OR-933, OR-912, OR-955.2) P August 30, 2007 EMS TRANSMISSION 09/06/2007 Instruction Memorandum No. OR-2007-081 Expires: 09/30/2008 To: District Managers, Deputy State Directors, Staff and Branch Chiefs From: State Director, Oregon/Washington Subject: National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Planning Form and Database for a Standardized Internet Presence Program Area: Planning, NEPA public involvement, Public Affairs, and Information Resource Management Web Services Purpose: The purpose of this Instruction Memorandum (IM) is to launch the new internet Planning and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Document Database which will provide a superior and standardized level of access for external and internal customers throughout Oregon/Washington and access to NEPA/land use planning and activity-level planning documents in a timely manner. Once available, it will also provide for an easier transition into Version 2.0 of ePlanning for this level of NEPA/planning documents. Policy/Action: This IM applies to all NEPA and planning documents associated with Resource Management Plans (RMPs) and Environmental Assessment (EA)-level decisions currently available on the District's websites, and drafted after the date of this IM.1 The NEPA and planning documents that must be inserted into the new Document Database for the new public website by October 1, 2007, are as follows: 1. All release-ready NEPA/planning documents associated with RMPs and Environmental Assessment-level decisions that are currently available on your District's external website must 1 NEPA/Planning documents associated with RMPs include Draft RMP/Draft Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Proposed RMP/Final EISs and RMP/Records of Decision (RODs). Documents associated with Environmental Assessment-level decisions include EAs, Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSIs) and Decision Records. 2 The term '“release-ready" simply indicates that the NEPA/planning document, although perhaps not a “final" version, is ready to be released to the public. An example of a “release-ready" document would be an EA that is not final, but made available for public comment to obtain input prior to finalizing the EA. 2 be transferred to the new Document Database by the date indicated above. The documents must be removed from the old websites at the time the new website becomes live. 2. All release-ready NEPA/planning documents associated with RMPs and EA-level decisions that are drafted after the date of this IM must be entered in the new Document Database. The Document Database has the capacity to include NEPA/planning documents associated with the use of Categorical Exclusions, but use of this component is at the discretion of the District Office until further guidance is provided from the State Office. Similarly, older NEPA/planning documents that are still effective yet not currently available on the Districts' websites will not be required to be moved into the new database until FY08. We will be working to develop a plan to transfer older NEPA/planning documents to the internet. This will likely be contingent upon available funding at each District's discretion. Timeframe: Applicable NEPA/planning documents must be transferred or uploaded into the new Document Database by October 1, 2007. Budget Impact: Most actions are already in effect, causing no additional budget impact. Transferring NEPA/Planning documents from this point forward, as well as those currently on each District's internet site, to the new external NEPA/planning document database could be a short term workload issue. Background: The OR/WA State Office and Districts have been individually posting their NEPA/planning documents associated with RMPs and activity-level projects in a variety of formats and to varying degrees. In an effort to provide an improved level of access for both internal and external customers to NEPA/planning documents; to incorporate BLM NEPA business rules into our method for providing project information to the public; to enable the Districts to add their own documents to the website; and to provide a search/query tool that enables documents to be located by document category or type, this NEPA planning internet application emerged. The State Office Information Technology department designed a NEPA/planning project tracking database to enable dynamic search and web-based data entry; a data-entry form that allows Districts to upload NEPA/Planning documents according to BLM business rules; a web search form that allows documents to be selected by different categories; and District pages with improved document access, logic, and consistency. The construction of the database was field-tested by the District Planning & Environmental Coordinators who provided feedback on the database. This NEPA/planning project tracking database will create consistency throughout the state that will provide for an easier transition into ePlanning Version 2.0 once it is available for this level of NEPA documents. Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: This guidance does not affect the BLM's NEPA or Planning Manuals or Handbooks. Coordination: This IM has been coordinated with the OR/WA Division of Planning and Science Policy, with the Washington Office Division of Planning, with State Office program specialists, with OR/WA District Managers, and Planning and Environmental Coordinators. Contact: If you have any questions about the above guidance, please contact Jerry Magee (503) 808-6086, Leslie Frewing-Runyon (503) 808-6088, or Maggie Langlas (503) 808-6305. 3 Districts with Unions are reminded to notify their unions of this Instruction Memorandum and satisfy any bargaining obligations before implementation. Your servicing Human Resources Office or Labor Relations Specialist can provide you assistance in this matter. Signed by John K. Keith Acting, Associate State Director Authenticated by Mary J. O'Leary Records Section 1 Attachment(s): 1 - NEPA Document Database Form Instructions (10pp) Distribution WO-210 (1050LS)


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