Structures Spatial Data Standard Version 2.0

Information Bulletin

United States Department of the Interior 
Oregon State Office
P.O. Box 2965  
Portland, Oregon 97208

NOV 16, 2020

1283/9175 (OR930/955) P 

Information Bulletin No. OR-2021-009 

To:  Deputy State Directors, District Managers, and Branch Chiefs
From:  Branch Chief, Information Resources Management 
Subject: Structures Spatial Data Standard Version 2.0

This information bulletin (IB) announces the availability of a newly revised Structures Spatial Data Standard. The data standard defines how this type of data is to be captured in a Geographic Information System (GIS), defines attributes used, and defines coding schemes (domains).

This dataset represents constructed features called structures. Structures are discrete, physically existing things that support treatment, recreation, or other management activities. Structures are line or point features used as building blocks.

This dataset can be used to depict structures on maps and provides information useful to the maintenance of structures on the ground, and for reporting on construction activity.

The major change merged the proposed features with the current features to allow for the implementation of the Culverts Data Standard, which created a table related to the spatial features in this standard.

The following changes were applied:

  • Updates to domains; dom_COORD_SRC, dom_INITITAVE, dom_REASON, dom_WORKAGENT
  • Corrected values in dom_STRCT_ARC_TP, and dom_STRCT_PT_TYPE
  • Merged proposed and current features into one theme.
  • Merged proposed and current domains.
  • Add new fields; COMMENTS, FILEPATH.
  • Updated publication, editing guidelines, collection, and mobile instructions.
  • Added document revision tables to the header, as needed.
  • Added an automatic linked table of contents.
  • Updated the state data steward listing.
  • Updated the records retention schedule sections to reflect that they are system centric themes that must be permanently retained.
  • Updated the sponsor listing.
  • Incremented the version number and modified file name for consistency.
  • Updated attribute definitions for many of the topic specific attributes for this theme.

The updates to the data schema described here have already been applied to the corporate spatial data system where the data can be edited by approved personnel following established procedures and are available for display and analytical purposes by all users.

The draft data standard was issued for internal review and comment prior to this IB. To see comments and responses of that review, contact Eric Hiebenthal, State Data Administrator, at 503-808-6565, or by email at

Any questions about this data standard can be directed to one of the data stewards Patrick Keady, FAMS, 503-808-6407; Scott Lightcap, Fisheries, 541-464-3325; Michael Brown, Hydrography, 503-808-6662; Rebecca Carter, Range, 503-808-6550; Rachele (Shelley) Moore, GIS Technical Lead, at 503-808-6566; or Eric Hiebenthal, State Data Administrator, at 503-808-6565.

Administrative or Mission Related: Mission Related.

Districts with unions are reminded to notify their unions of this IB and satisfy any bargaining obligations before implementation.  Your servicing Human Resources Office or Labor Relations Specialist can provide you with assistance in this matter.

Signed by 
Cloy Bittinger
Acting Chief, Branch of Information Resources Management

Authenticated by 
K. Wentworth 
Data Records Administrator

1 – Structures Spatial Data Standard Version 2.0 (50pp)

OC535 (Thomas Chatfield)
OR955 (Eric Hiebenthal)
WO800 (Mark Nielson)


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