Acquisitions and Disposals Data Standard

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United States Department of the Interior 
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OCT 20, 2020

1283/2100/2200/2700/9167 (OR957/955) P 

Information Bulletin No. OR-2021-006

To:  Deputy State Directors, District Managers, and Branch Chiefs
From:  Branch Chief, Information Resources Management 
Subject:  Acquisitions and Disposals Data Standard

This Information Bulletin (IB) announces the availability of the Acquisitions and Disposals (ACQ_DSP) Spatial Data Standard. The data standard defines how this type of data is to be captured in a Geographic Information System (GIS), defines attributes used, and defines coding schemes (domains).

This dataset spatially represents the ACQ_DSP portion of the total Land Status data category that includes information about jurisdiction and ownership of federal public lands.

The current Bureau of Land Management (BLM) surface jurisdiction includes the result of acquisitions and disposals, the original Public Domain (PD) lands, minus withdrawals. Acquisitions (additions) and Disposals (reductions) are the conveyance of federal land jurisdiction via exchange, purchase, or sales.

This dataset is used for depicting Acquisitions and Disposals on maps. The history of acquisition and disposals within a BLM administrative unit or special management area is often of interest. The dataset includes both existing and proposed Acquisitions and Disposals. Acquisitions and Disposals are intersected with natural resources and special management areas to determine impact and/or feasibility of the proposed action. The data schema is to be added to the corporate spatial data system where it can be edited by approved personnel following established procedures and are available for display and analytical purposes by all users.

The draft data standard was issued for internal review and comment prior to this IB. To see comments and responses of that review, contact Eric Hiebenthal, State Data Administrator, at 503-808-6565, or by email at

Any questions about this data standard can be directed to Tara McLain, State Data Steward for ACQ_DSP, at 541-573-4462; Stacy Fenton, GIS Technical Lead for ACQ_DSP, at 541-573-4499; or Eric Hiebenthal, State Data Administrator, at 503-808-6565.

Administrative or Mission Related: Mission Related.

Districts with unions are reminded to notify their unions of this IB and satisfy any bargaining obligations before implementation.  Your servicing Human Resources Office or Labor Relations Specialist can provide you with assistance in this matter.

Signed by 
Cloy Bittinger
Acting Chief, Branch of Information Resources Management

Authenticated by 
Data Records Administrator

1 – Acquisitions and Disposals Data Standard Version 1.0 (32 pp)

OC535 (Thomas Chatfield)
OR955 (Eric Hiebenthal)
HQ800 (Mark Nielsen)


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