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Public Law Designation

The over 24,700-acre Soda Mountain Wilderness was designated under Public Law 111-11, on March 30, 2009. The law also contained a number of other Oregon wilderness areas including: Lower White River, Spring Basin Wilderness, and the Oregon Badlands Wilderness. Download a copy of Public Law 111-11 here.

Natural History

The biodiversity of the area includes fir forests, sunlit oak groves, meadows filled with wildflowers, and steep canyons. The area is home to a spectacular variety of rare species of plants and animals including Roosevelt elk, cougars, black bears, golden and bald eagles, goshawks and falcons. The heart of the wilderness is the 5,720-foot high Boccard Point where the great basin meets three mountain ranges. The older Klamath Range comes up from the south while the Siskiyou Range extends from the west and jutting up from the north is the Cascade Range.

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