Photos and Videos

The Oregon Badlands Wilderness is topographically a gently sloping dome with mature juniper trees and modest rock outcrops providing vegetative screening and plenty of solitude. If you can't make it out to the Oregon Badlands Wilderness, or if you just want to get a sense for the beauty and exiting recreational opportunities that await you, check out the BLM Flickr photo galleries and videos of this unique wilderness area.

Wilderness in Oregon and Washington is available for all to enjoy! If you've never been to these areas these videos will give you a quick glimpse in to some of the key features for each of the nine BLM wilderness areas in the Pacific Northwest. #Gowild and take a look around -- you won't be disappointed!

Our resident Wilderness "Expert" Merle Wildman gives you a quick glimpse in to some of the key features of the Oregon Badlands Wilderness Area. Give it a look and #Gowild Man!

The Oregon Badlands Wilderness Area is one of nine stunning areas in Oregon and Washington. Visit the album to see some gorgeous photos that you can download for personal use.

Know Before You Go

Take a look at what exciting opportunities await you at the Oregon Badlands! In addition to the Oregon Badlands Wilderness video, there are also hundreds of other videos that highlight the many outdoor opportunities, such as hang gliding in southwest Oregon, or even showcasing the work of local youth. Check out these videos: