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Volunteer Projects Oregon/Washington BLM



Volunteer Projects

Volunteers working

There are many different types of volunteer opportunities on BLM lands. If you would like to see a listing of identified Nationwide opportunities or if you would like to identify a specific interest area or location you would like to volunteer in, please visit http://www.volunteer.gov/.

Click here for a list of Oregon/Washington BLM Volunteer Coordinators.

Following is a listing of examples of different types of volunteer project opportunities.

  • Fish and Wildlife: Participate in habitat improvement projects, such as improving streams to increase fish production. Assist in monitoring, protecting and restoring important wildlife habitats, plant communities and ecosystems.
  • Recreation: Serve as a campground host. Lead hikes and tours, and provide information to public lands visitors. Build, plan, and maintain recreational trails and other outdoor recreation facilities.
  • Range Management and Forestry: Plant trees and shrubs in fire-damaged or eroded areas. Assist on range improvements, timber sales, and scientific research projects. Thin tree seedlings and sapling stands.
  • Energy and Minerals: Update mineral survey maps and computer database systems. Take part in geological surveys and fossil excavations.
  • Archaeology and History: Locate, map, and record the designs of ancient petroglyphs. Assist in discovering, restoring and protecting historic areas and prehistoric sites and artifacts and explain their significance to visitors. Conduct research on the history and pre-history of the American West.
  • Watersheds: Assist BLM professionals in soil and water conservation projects. Plant vegetation and erect fencing to protect riparian zones and reduce erosion and pollution.
  • Administrative Support: Operate automated word-processing programs, computers and other office equipment. Drive vehicles. Answer public inquiries over the phone and in person. Supervise other volunteers.
  • Public Information: Write, edit or take photographs for publications. Answer questions and conduct orientation sessions for visitors. Produce graphic-arts work, displays, and video tapes.
  • Wild Horses and Burros: Assist with citizen adoption of these animals and with their feeding and pending adoption. Answer public inquiries. Show trained horses or burros and county fairs and horse shows.
  • Engineering and Surveying: Assist in constructing and maintaining facilities, signs, roads, and trailheads. Aid engineers in drafting plans. Work as a member of a cadastral survey crew.
  • Data Management: Assist in operating BLM's Land Information System, a computerized geographic-based system for storing and processing information about an area's natural and historic resources.
  • Planning: Assist in computerizing information for BLM's resource management plans, identifying areas of critical environmental concern, and developing information to aid public participation.