Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat

Most BLM-managed lands provide habitat for a diversity of fish and wildlife species. Resource Management Plans incorporate fish and wildlife needs in order to achieve a balance among various land uses. Special attention is given to the habitats of threatened or endangered and migratory species.

The BLM cooperates closely with state wildlife management agencies to improve fish and wildlife habitat conditions, restore animal populations, provide forage and water, and manage various other habitats to attain appropriate wildlife population levels. In addition, the BLM also welcomes and encourages the cooperation of wildlife groups, sports clubs, and others interested in wildlife management.

As the manager of over 16 million acres of wildlife habitat in the Pacific Northwest, the BLM provides wildlife viewing opportunities through the Watchable Wildlife Program. The BLM maintains and develops 47 viewing sites, 27 sites with interpretive displays, and wildlife guides and brochures to encourage public enjoyment and understanding of natural wildlife in their habitat.

Land Stewardship

Land Stewardship

The BLM in Oregon/Washington continue to award and implement stewardship contracts to meet local and rural community needs. In Fiscal Year 2010 alone, the BLM awarded 40 stewardship contracts, encompassing 12 project areas. These contracts will increase forest resiliency, reduce the risk of wildfire, and improve habitat over 18,000 acres.

Environmental Preservation

Environmental Protection

The BLM manages public rangeland and forestland in a continued effort to protect and enhance some of the Nation's most remarkable and rugged landscapes. For example, BLM protects and ensures the health of 152 Areas of Critical Environmental Concern throughout the Northwest.

  • 25 Wild and Scenic Rivers
  • 13.3 million acres available for livestock grazing
  • 2.5 million acres of managed forest lands in western Oregon
  • 9 Wilderness Areas and 81 Wilderness Study Areas totaling 2.6 million acres