Renewable and Conventional Energy

Geothermal Power Plant

The BLM is committed to assisting in meeting renewable energy goals identified for the state and the nation. The primary focus for renewable energy projects on BLM lands, to date, has been related to wind and geothermal. A key effort has been the establishment of the Renewable Energy and Eastern Oregon Landscape Partnership. This partnership is a collaborative effort of government agencies to address the needs and issues inherent to renewable energy and habitat conservation. A summary of some of the other key activities in energy:

Oil and Gas Leasing

During the past two years, the number of active leases has declined, with many leases being allowed to lapse by the lease holders. There are currently 172 leases (269,643 acres) in Oregon. more >>


There are currently 75 Federal geothermal leases encompassing 96,883 acres in Oregon. A demonstration project for Enhanced Geothermal Systems technology is to be conducted near Newberry Crater on BLM geothermal leases. Resource potential is being explored at Glass Buttes. As with oil and gas, the BLM has initiated work on developing a MOU for geothermal projects with the State of Oregon. more >>

Wind Energy

OR/WA BLM has seen an increase in interest in wind energy. Sixteen wind site testing and monitoring right-of-way grants have been authorized. One very small (3.6 megawatt) development has been authorized. There are four pending wind farm applications (30,924 acres), and 15 pending wind site testing and monitoring applications.
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