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Community Enrichment

Community Enrichment

The BLM provides many opportunities for community involvement in public land stewardship including Free Fishing Day, International Migratory Bird Day and National Public Lands Day. These activities enhance public lands and contribute to the high quality of life in the Pacific Northwest.

Other community events sponsored by BLM include: National Trails Day, National Fishing Day, Project WoodHelp, Kid's Art, Catch a Special Thrill for Kids, Urban Nature Overnights and Migratory Bird Festivals, food drives, bloodmobiles, and coordinated fundraising drives. Fifteen Back Country Byways bring visitors and income to Oregon's rural landscapes.



In Oregon and Washington the BLM ranks at the top nationally as one of the most productive state volunteer programs. The BLM volunteers all have one thing in common: enjoyment and appreciation for our public lands. The BLM thanks all of our volunteers for their dedication and hard work.

  • 2,532 volunteers
  • 170,767 volunteer hours
  • $3,647,583 in value of volunteer effort

Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

The BLM has numerous sites throughout Oregon and Washington that provide interpretive and educational experiences that highlight Oregon's rich cultural and natural resource heritage including the Yaquina Head lighthouse, the Riddle Brother's Ranch, and the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

Six special environmental education sites: Cascade Streamwatch, West Eugene Wetlands, Table Rock, National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, New River Area of Critical Environmental Concern, and Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. The BLM also has several innovative partnerships with non-profit organizations and schools, focusing on educational programs ranging from history and culture to fisheries and watersheds. Many of these programs are conducted at BLM's eight environmental education/interpretive sites: Aquila Vista Scientific Area, Cascade Streamwatch, Larch Mountain, National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, New River Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Table Rocks, West Eugene Wetlands, and Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area.


Youth Involvement

The Oregon and Washington BLM has a long history of working in partnership to offer meaningful opportunities to youths and their families, teachers, and community leaders. Youth activities and programs are integral to the successful implementation of many of our project-based work now and in the future.

During 2010, over 700 youths were employed directly by the BLM in Oregon and Washington and indirectly through the use of cooperative agreements with partner organizations. Additionally, the BLM provides an almost weekly variety of family-friendly interpretive programs across the state, reaching out to both urban and rural youths.