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The BLM's unique multiple-use mandate just got even more unique. Below are a number of the clips from our YouTube site. We know that Oregon and Washington are big states with lots of land. Just click on one of the videos and see some of the cool BLM lands in the Pacific Northwest -- without ever leaving your home computer.

Migratory Birds on Your Public Lands

  • Description: The Migratory Bird Treaty Act, first passed in 1918, established protection of migratory birds and their ecosystem - shared by countries across the globe. The treaty between the U.S. and Great Britain (for Canada) was amended over time to include Mexico, Japan and Russia. The BLM maintains thousands of acres of migratory bird habitat across the country - contributing to the health and beauty of this global ecosystem. See for yourself. Follow the link below to view over 50 different wildlife viewing areas across Oregon and Washington. Discover more on your public lands.
  • Date Posted: 5/3/2011
  • Youtube URL: View Migratory Birds on Your Public Lands on YouTube

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