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The BLM's unique multiple-use mandate just got even more unique. Below are a number of the clips from our YouTube site. We know that Oregon and Washington are big states with lots of land. Just click on one of the videos and see some of the cool BLM lands in the Pacific Northwest -- without ever leaving your home computer.

Oregon Youth Are Gonna Work It Out!

  • Description: Meet some of Oregon's most inspiring young people: The Jefferson Conservation Corps! This group of youths, with a lil' help from the BLM, created 15 brand new jobs in rural Oregon. Their story has already inspired other communities. To learn more about the Jefferson Conservation Corps, please check out the BLM's Winter 2011 issue of Northwest Passage at blm.gov/or/nwpassage
  • Date Posted: 5/3/2011
  • Youtube URL: View Oregon Youth Are Gonna Work It Out! on YouTube

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