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The BLM's unique multiple-use mandate just got even more unique. Below are a number of the clips from our YouTube site. We know that Oregon and Washington are big states with lots of land. Just click on one of the videos and see some of the cool BLM lands in the Pacific Northwest -- without ever leaving your home computer.

BLM and Youth

  • Description: The BLM manages more than 16 million acres in Oregon and Washington with 85 recreation sites for children and their families to explore and enjoy. "Let's Move Outside," BLM's part in America's Let's Move Initiative, strives to connect families to our national forests, parks and trails through recreational activities, environmental education, volunteerism, stewardship, and countless other opportunities to experience America's Great Outdoors.
  • Date Posted: 8/16/2010
  • High Resolution: BLM and Youth (Quicktime - 1280 x 720) 100MB
  • Youtube URL: View BLM and Youth on YouTube

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