Tide Pooling

Visitors at Yaquina Head Tide pools.
Visitors at Yaquina Head Tide pools.

If you plan to go down to the beach, please remember Yaquina Head is a PROTECTED natural area. Please tread lightly and take only pictures.

If the tide is low and you plan to do some tide pooling, we offer some suggestions to make it a safe and worthwhile experience.

Tide pooling Tips: Remember it is a very FRAGILE and slippery environment.

  • Go slowly.
  • Step on bare spots, not the plants and animals.
  • Do not walk in the pools.
  • To avoid injuries to the animals, please OBSERVE them; DO NOT DISTURB.

What animals will you find? Sea stars (starfish), plant-like green anemones, spiny purple sea urchins, mussels, volcano shaped barnacles, turban snails, hermit crabs, small fish called sculpins and many more.

Marine Life of Yaquina Head

The following publication provides a partial list of animals and algae found at Marine Life of Yaquina Head (PDF).

Tide Tables for Yaquina Bay

View the low and high tide predictions for Yaquina Bay via the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center website.