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Yaquina Head Natural Area

Things to Know Before You Visit Yaquina Head


Visitors should be aware that summer weather at Yaquina Head is very unpredictable and can bring cold temperatures, high winds and fog. Winter usually brings rain and high winds.

Summer daytime temperatures are often in the mid-60s (15-18°C) and occasionally in the mid-50s (12-14°C). Fog is common and the winds near the lighthouse can be 10-15 mph. If you visit the Oregon Coast, be prepared for cool air temperatures and cold ocean temperatures, even in the summer months.

Winter temperatures can range from 39°F to 51°F (4-11°C) throughout the day. The record low temperature is 1°F  (-17°C). Daily rainfall is highly variable, but average total rainfall in January and December is over 10 inches. Winds can reach 30 mph with extreme gusts over 50 mph.

At any time of year, be prepared for sudden changes. Unpredictability, more than anything else, characterizes Oregon's coastal weather. Always be equipped with a wide range of clothing options. Be sure to bring a warm jacket and rain gear even in the summer.


Most special events and activities held within the park require a Special Use Permit. These permits are issued and approved only after Bureau of Land Management staff determines that the activity will not impair park values, resources, and visitor enjoyment. Please provide Yaquina Head with as much notice as possible to consider your request.

Activities and events that require Permits include (but are not limited to):

  • Filming/Photography (PDF) - determine if your film or photography project requires a permit
  • Wedding Ceremonies - Wedding Policy (PDF)
  • Events (runs, scattering of ashes, bicycle rides, etc.) - Please contact the Site Manager at 541-574-3142 to begin the permit process.
  • Scientific Research and Collecting Application (PDF) - This permit is required for most scientific activities pertaining to natural resources or social science studies in BLM areas that involve fieldwork, specimen collection, and/or have the potential to disturb resources or visitors.


The following is a list of handouts available from Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Click on the link to download the PDF.