Weed-Free Hay Federal Register Oregon/Washington BLM
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Weed-Free Hay Federal Register

Federal Register, Volume 75, Number 159, August 18, 2010: Possession, use, or storage of any hay, straw, or mulch that has not be certified as free of prohibited noxious weed vegetative parks and/or seeds at any time of the year is a prohibited act on all BLM lands in Oregon and Washington.

All hay, hay cubes, straw, and mulch possessed, used, or stored on BLM lands must have proof of weed-free certification. Certification must meet or exceed the state of North American Weed Management Association (NAWMA) Weed-Free Forage certification standards. Hay, straw, or mulch packaged as bales, containers, or sacks must be marked using official tags, twine, or other identification as required by the state of origin, or a person possessing, using or storing such hay, straw, or mulch must have the original and current documents that certify the hay, straw, or mulch meets or exceeds that state or NAWMA certification standard. This rule does not apply to possession or storage of commercially processed feed pellets.

Anyone using hay, straw, or mulch on BLM lands in Oregon and Washington will be required to show proof of certification or be subject to fine. Those persons to whom this requirement for proof of certification applies, but are not limited to, the following: permittees, special recreation permit holders, construction and rehabilitation services personnel, maintenance operations personnel, and members of the public.