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Weed-Free Hay

Leafy Spurge
Invasive Species: Leafy Spurge

Weed-Free Hay Now Required

The use of pelletized or certified weed-free hay is now required on all BLM public lands in Oregon and Washington. Effective August 18, 2010 with publication in the Federal Register anyone possessing, using, or storing hay, hay cubes, straw, and mulch must have proof of weed-free certification or be subject to fine.

Weed-Free Hay and Pellets Help Stop the Spread of Noxious Weeds!

Did you know that more than 1.2 million acres of BLM public lands in Oregon and Washington are infested with noxious weeds and invasive plants? These plants:

  • displace native vegetation
  • destroy wildlife forage and habitat
  • decrease soil productivity

And the problem is spreading!

Do your part to help STOP THE SPREAD of noxious weeds and invasive plants.

  • Feed: Use only pelletized or certified weed-free hay and livestock feed prior to and during your trip.
  • Vehicles: Thoroughly wash trucks and trailers to remove all noxious weed and invasive plant debris before entering public lands.
  • Livestock: Brush down your animals and clean their hooves before hitting the trail.

Need More information?

For more information and to locate sources of weed-free supplies, contact your local BLM Office or visit: