Traveling BLM Roads

Motor vehicles are welcome on most BLM administered lands. BLM restricts or prohibits vehicle use in designated areas where fragile resources need protection or where past vehicle use has caused damage to soil, vegetation, wildlife, or cultural and historic resources. Vehicles are not allowed on hiking or skiing trails, and in restricted portions of recreation sites. Contact the appropriate district to learn of restricted or closed areas. Groups wishing to arrange competitive events, rallies, or races must first secure a permit from the district manager. Permits specify time, location, and requirement for the events.

Finding your way through hundreds of miles of BLM roads and deciphering BLM road numbers can be an adventure and a challenge. BLM's road system corresponds to signs in the field. Roads are identified by a numeric grid that covers all of Oregon. Township lines run east and west while range lines run north south. One township is 36 square miles; 6 miles by 6 miles. Each section within a township is one square mile, or about 640 acres. BLM roads are numbered by the township, range, and section that the road originates in. For example:

Road #2-3-14.0

Township (2), Range (3), Section (14), 1st road originating in Section 14(.0) - Numbers after the decimal point indicate another road originating from the section.