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The BLM's Butte Falls Resource Area Environmental Education Program welcomes interested school and community groups wanting to learn more about the natural and cultural history of the region and local resource management issues.

Kids at Riverbank Kids Role Playing

Environmental education programs at McGregor Park lead participants through hands-on, interactive, educational stations with activities and illustrative kits, interpretive hikes, and subject specific presentations. Experienced environmental educators and specialists use a combination of outdoor and indoor settings. Groups of 10 to 70 participants are welcome.

Child using mortar and pestle. Forester showing cross section of tree.

Environmental education topics include salmon lifecycle and the riparian zone, forest management, fire ecology, wildlife biology, Native American history and culture, and botany and noxious weeds.

Animal Pelts Kids at the visitor center.

For more information about the McGregor Park Visitor Center, education programs, and other educational opportunities with the BLM's Butte Falls Resource Area Environmental Education Program, please contact Molly Allen at 541-618-2468, FAX 541-734-4578 or e-mail Molly_Allen@blm.gov.