Motorized Travel

In order to protect monument resources, motorized and mechanized vehicles must stay on open roads in the monument. Motorized and mechanized vehicles are not allowed on roads closed by the proclamation or roads identified for decommissioning. Vehicles in this classification include Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs), motorcycles, game carriers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, bicycles, and tractors. These vehicles are restricted to roads that are designated as open to the public for motorized access see the CSNM Motorized Travel Map (PDF).


OHVs are allowed on open roads in the monument, but not on any closed roads as described above. All OHVs used on public lands in Oregon require a State of Oregon ATV Operating Permit.

Road Closures

To reduce road densities, 53 miles of road within the monument, in addition to the roads closed by the presidential proclamation, have been approved for closure and decommissioning. At present, these roads include the following roads:

  • Schoheim Road
  • Pilot Rock Road (41-2E-3) beyond the quarry
  • Randcore Pass Road (40-4E_19.2) south of the junction with road 40-4E-31.0
  • Skookum Creek Road (40-3E-28 and 40-3E-27.2) past where section 36 (T.40S., R3E.) and Section 1 (T.41S., R. 3E) meet, Road 41-2E-9.0 past the corral in T.41S., R.2E, Sec. 9 SW1/4 NW1/4
  • Soda Mountain Lookout Road (40-3E-21.2)
  • Lone Pine Ridge Road (40-3E-3) past the road block in T.40S., R.3E, Section 31, Road 41-4E-7.0, and Road 41-2E-12.0.