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National Landscape Conservation System Oregon/Washington BLM



National Landscape Conservation System

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National Conservation Lands

The Bureau of Land Management's National Conservation Lands, also known as the National Landscape Conservation System, contain some of the West's most spectacular landscapes. It includes over 886 federally recognized areas and approximately 27 million acres of National Monuments, National Conservation Areas, Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, Wild and Scenic Rivers, National Scenic and Historic Trails, and Conservation Lands of the California Desert. The National Landscape Conservation System program focuses on the opportunities and management needs of these national treasures.

Wilderness Characteristics Inventory Review for BLM Lakeview and Vale Districts

Over the last several years, Oregon BLM Districts have been updating inventories to determine the presence or absence of wilderness characteristics. A review of Lakeview and Vale District inventory documentation was conducted and supplemented by field reviews. Its purpose was to determine the degree of compliance by both the Vale and Lakeview BLM Districts with wilderness characteristics inventory guidance found in BLM Manual 6310, Conducting Wilderness Characteristics Inventory on BLM Lands, and the earlier draft Oregon Handbook H-6300-1, Wilderness Inventory Maintenance in BLM Oregon/Washington.

The final report, "Wilderness Characteristics Inventory Review: A Review of Vale and Lakeview District Conformance with Established Procedures for Maintaining the Inventory of Lands with Wilderness Characteristics," is a compilation of the review findings and recommendations.

Download a copy of the report here.

Oregon/Washington National Landscape Conservation System 3-year Strategy: Fiscal Years 2013-2015

The Oregon/Washington National Conservation Lands state-level strategy tiers to the Bureau of Land Management's 15-year National strategy published in 2011. It represents an integral step toward implementing the goals of the national strategy by connecting national emphasis with state focus and local action. The report covers several elements including: Ensuring the Conservation, Protection, and Restoration of National Conservation Lands Values; collaboratively Managing the National Conservation Lands as Part of the Larger Landscape; raising Awareness of the Value and Benefits of the BLM's National Conservation Lands; and building upon BLM's Commitment to Conservation.

Oregon/Washington Wilderness Areas

Oregon/Washington Wilderness AreasThe nine wilderness areas in Oregon and Washington are places where natural processes take precedent; areas managed so that nature remains substantially unchanged by human use. Rugged trails provide the only access into wilderness, and travel is restricted to foot or horseback. Maps, photos, videos, and handy brochures await you! Spend some time in these unique areas and #GoWild! more>>>

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Cascade-Siskiyou National MonumentThe Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument was designated on June 9, 2000, marking the first national monument in the United States set aside solely to protect biodiversity. These ecologically distinct regions support an unusual richness of species: some rare, some endangered, and some endemic (found only here). The monument protects this important biological crossroads and recognizes the integral role that each species plays in maintaining healthy ecosystems on which we all depend. more>>>

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center offers living history demonstrations, interpretive programs, exhibits, multi-media presentations, special events, and more than four miles of interpretive trails. more>>>

Pacific Northwest Trail

Along the Pacific Northwest Trail enjoy the solitude of Chopaka Lake and the nearby Chopaka Mountain Wilderness Study Area.  Aspen groves and sagebrush line the shores, providing a scenic backdrop to lakeside activities.

From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) is a unique hiking experience, offering a variety of back-country scenery and outdoor adventure. The 1200-mile Pacific Northwest Trail, running from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean, ranks among the most scenic trails in the world. The PNT crosses 3 National Parks and 7 National Forests, and ends at the Pacific Ocean, on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. On Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands, this trail meanders through areas rich in Native American and Pioneer history, along a historic railroad grade deep in the canyon of the Similkameen River, and high above the shores of Lake Chopaka, in the heart of the Okanogan highlands of northern Washington.

Please note that many portions of the Pacific Northwest Trail are still being constructed and the trails indicated on the maps may not be the exact locations on the ground. Additional resources can be found at:

San Juan Islands National Monument

San Juan Islands National MonumentDesignated in 2013, the San Juan Islands National Monument is the newest in Oregon/Washington. Located within Washington State's Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands is an archipelago of over 450 islands, rocks, and pinnacles. These islands form an unmatched landscape of contrasts, where forests seem to spring from gray rock and distant, snow-capped peaks provide the backdrop for sandy beaches. more>>>

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Yaquina Head

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is located on a narrow point of land jutting due west into the Pacific Ocean at the north end of Newport, Oregon. This headland provides visitors with one of the most accessible wildlife and ocean viewing locations on the Pacific Coast. more>>>

OR/WA BLM Recreation

OR/WA BLM Recreation

For additional recreation information, including search options, site details, and recreation brochures, visit the OR/WA BLM recreation website.