Exploring Oregon's Past

Exploring Oregon's Past Cover

The Bureau of Land Management is pleased to offer "Exploring Oregon's Past: A Teacher's Activity Guide for Fourth Through Seventh Grades" to the Oregon educational community. The Bureau has a long term interest not only in the varied natural and cultural resources it is charged to manage, but also in the welfare of the many communities throughout the state. The information and lesson plans in this guide are intended to increase students' interest and appreciation of the cultural and natural heritage of Oregon while honing their science, language arts, social science, mathematics, reasoning, and artistic skills.

Archaeology has recently been described as the most synthetic of all disciplines, bringing the diverse expertise of geologists, geographers, botanists, biologists, climatologists, historians, and others into a unified study of human populations and past environments. As such, archaeology presents a ready and consistent medium to teach various aspects of these diverse fields.

We in the Bureau are pleased with your interest in using this guide. We encourage your suggestions for future additions and improvements so that the guide may better serve as an educational tool.

Free copies of this publication can be obtained by contacting:

Brooke Brown
Klamath Falls Resource Area
2795 Anderson Ave, Bldg 25
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Phone: 541-883-6916