Meyers Caves

Archaeological site

Meyers Caves, 45LI38, 45LI39, and 45LI40, were first recorded by Earl Swanson and Alan Bryan in the summer of 1952. Later that year, Douglas Osborne and Robert Crabtree conducted test excavations at the site with a crew from the University of Washington, Department of Anthropology.

Although some artifacts such as bone awls and a few Cold Springs side notched projectile points were recovered, the scarcity of artifacts led Bryan to describe the site as a temporary hunting camp.

He did however note that there was a distinct cultural break between early and later occupants of the shelter. In addition to small mammal and bird bones, antelope, deer, and bison bones were recovered from the caves.

The site was revisited in 1991 by Eastern Washington University. Their research reinforced the 1952 findings that the caves were used as temporary camp sites. Two additional projectile point/bifaces were recovered that are included within the Early to Middle Period of the Mid Columbia Area, a date range of 4000 to 8000 B.P.