China Ditch Site

Archaeological site

The China Ditch is a thirty mile long canal excavated by as many as two-hundred Chinese laborers from the spring of 1891 until the winter of 1894. A company by the name of Myrtle Creek Consolidated Hydraulic Gold Mining and Manufacturing Company bought land, paid for the construction of the ditch, and obtained hydraulic giants to work the hills in North Myrtle Creek.

In the summer of 1894, the company went out of business and lost everything. Thousands of dollars were lost by owners of stock in this company, and many felt that the construction of the ditch was just a decoration in an elaborate scam aimed at stock buyers. Today the ditch is on the National Register of Historic Places. A short section of the ditch is set aside for exploration by the public on what is known as the China Ditch Driving Loop.

Four-thousand feet of the ditch is also open as a walking section (rustic, undeveloped) where visitors can take a trip back into the historic past of Oregon's gold mining history.