B-24 Crash Site Oregon/Washington BLM



B-24 Crash Site

Archaeological site

On February 9, 1945 at approximately 10 PM a B-24 "Liberator" bomber crashed into a rocky ledge in the Pueblo Mountains in southeastern Oregon. The plane was on a "round robin" navigation training mission from Gowen Field near Boise, Idaho to Hamilton Field in California.

An eyewitness in Denio recalled seeing the plane fly over Pueblo Mountain on its return from California and, for some unknown reason, turn sharply to the left, narrowly missing the summit as it crossed back over to the southwest. This maneuver cost the plane 2500 feet in altitude and a few seconds later it crashed into the west-side of the mountain at the 7500-foot level. All 11 men on board were killed. The cause of the crash was never determined.

This summary of a little known event in Harney County history is a tribute to the men who lost their lives in this crash. The crash site is located due south of Steens Mountain just north of the Nevada border.