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All Prescribed Burns in Oregon/Washington BLM



All Prescribed Burns in

Prescribed burn area CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) road near Barnes Valley.
Prescribed burn area road near Barnes Valley.

Prescribed fire (also called controlled burning) is an important tool that can be used to reduce the risk of large uncharacteristically severe wildfires, increase public and firefighter safety, alter, maintain, or restore vegetative communities, and achieve desired resource conditions and management objectives. This planned and intentional use of fire allows land management agencies to reduce hazardous fuels, restore habitat and ecosystem health, and reintroduce fire to the landscape. A landscape that experiences frequent low intensity prescribed fire will likely be more resilient and recover more quickly following a wildfire event.

Three main types of prescribed fire applications in Oregon and Washington are pile burning, understory/underburning, and broadcast burning. Prescribed burning requires planning and coordination between federal land management agencies, state weather officials, and adjacent landowners. All prescribed burns must first obtain clearance from smoke management officials at the Oregon Department of Forestry or the Washington Department of Natural Resources.

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