Riparian Presentations & Training

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The documents listed below are a selection of presentations and articles that might be helpful in a training environment and are available for your use. If you have questions please contact Carol Connolly at (541) 416-6892.

To view the PDF version click on the title, you can either save the PDF or print it after opening. To download the Powerpoint Presentation, right click on (Download) and then select "Save Target As" and save it to your computer.

Stream Function - Bear Creek (PDF) (Download)
Key Management Considerations 2004 (PDF) (Download)
Management Tools & Techniques 2004 (PDF)     (Download)
Grazing Management Treatments 2004 (PDF)     (Download)
Relationship to Desired Conditions - Ron Wiley (5/03) (PDF)     (Download)
Connection between Grazing, Riparian Proper Functioning Condition, Management, Objectives and Monitoring (33 MB) (PDF)     (Download)
Network Meeting Presentation - Laura Van Riper (11/03) (PDF)     (Download)
The Initiative for Accelerating Cooperative Riparian Restoration and Management (Evaluation Short Version) - Laura Van Riper (11/03) (PDF)     (Download)
Large Woody Material Processing - John Anderson (5/04) (PDF)     (Download)
ACRRM - Social Dimensions - Laura Van Riper (PDF)     (Download)
Riparian Community Type Classification of Utah and Southeastern Idaho - Wayne Padgett, Andrew Youngblood, and Alma Winward - 12/89 (35 MB) (PDF)    
Wash. D.C. Briefing - Final (PDF)     (Download)
Advancing the Fundamentals of Science Presentation - Laura Van Riper (10/04) (PDF)     (Download)
Advancing the Fundamentals of Science Presentation (PDF)     (Download)
Advancing the Fundamentals of Science Presentation (PDF)     (Download)
Network Meeting Presentation (PDF)     (Download)
Arizona Briefing (PDF)     (Download)
UCOWR-NIWR Presentation (PDF)     (Download)

Idaho PFC Workshop
Introduction Lotic PFC (PDF)     (Download)
Hydro Lotic PFC (PDF)     (Download)
Veg Lotic PFC (PDF)     (Download)
Erosion Deposition Lotic PFC (PDF)     (Download)
Summary Lotic PFC (PDF)     (Download)

Posters and Handouts
Creeks & Communities (PDF)     (Download)
Keeping Water on the Land (PDF)     (Download)
Riparian Grazing Poster (PDF)    

Grazing PowerPoints
Grazing Monitoring 2006     (Download)
Grazing Monitoring 2004 (Download)