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PFC Assessment Oregon/Washington BLM



PFC Assessment

National Riparian Service Team


The PowerPoints listed below can be viewed in Adobe Reader (PDF). During the viewing you can see the notes pages by hovering over the notes icon in the top left of the PowerPoint slide. If you decide you would like to download the PowerPoint, then right click on (PPT) and select “Save Target As” and save as a PowerPoint presentation.

This set of PowerPoints was developed for the Creeks & Communities Network by the National Riparian Service Team to serve as examples for use when preparing for riparian function workshops. Always customize presentations for your audience and objectives. When possible, exchange photos for situations your audience can relate to visually, and that you are familiar with, while keeping some photos from other areas to show a diversity of eco-regions and stream types. Please send review comments and suggested edits to jstaats@blm.gov.

  1. Introduction to Riparian Function: Bear Creek Example (PPT) (PDF)
  2. Creeks & Communities Overview (PPT) (PDF)
  3. PFC Approach & Definition (PPT) (PDF)
  4. PFC Hydrology Item (PPT) (PDF)
  5. PFC Vegetation Items (PPT) (PDF)
  6. PFC Erosion Items
  7. PFC Final Rating (PPT) (PDF)
  8. Instituting the PFC Process (PPT) (PDF)
Lentic Presentations
  1. Lentic Overview (PPT) (PDF)
  2. PFC Background (PPT) (PDF)
  3. Lentic Hydrology Items (PPT) (PDF)
  4. Lentic Vegetation Items (PPT) (PDF)
  5. Lentic Erosion Items (PPT) (PDF)
  6. Functional Rating (PPT) (PDF)
  7. Application Monitoring (PPT) (PDF)
  8. PFC on Modified Systems (PPT) (PDF)