Creeks & Communities

National Riparian Service Team

The Creeks and Communities Strategy represents an innovative and adaptive approach aimed at building the capacity of land managers and stakeholders to address complex and often contentious issues inherent in managing riparian-wetland resources. Since 1996, the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service have been working together to accelerate cooperative riparian restoration and management through this strategy. The geographic breadth of the Creeks and Communities effort is facilitating information sharing and influencing restoration across multiple ownerships and jurisdictions. In addition, the inclusive and participatory nature in which the work is carried out is helping to build relationships and trust among a wide variety of interests from various levels, fostering consistent management of riparian resources across the landscape.

The strategy mission “Achieving Healthy Streams through Bringing People Together” is accomplished by the creation of forums that enable individuals to interact with each other more effectively. Emphasis is placed on providing opportunities for people to work cooperatively, across all land ownerships and administrative jurisdictions, to share knowledge and develop a common vision for riparian-wetland areas on a landscape scale.