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Ascot Resources USA Prospecting Comment Form Oregon/Washington BLM



Ascot Resources USA Prospecting Comment Form

In February 2012, the BLM announced that it was beginning the process of evaluating two hardrock prospecting permit applications submitted by the Ascot USA (Ascot) and the associated exploration plan encompassing approximately 900 acres northeast of the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

The BLM is working in close coordination with the US Forest Service's Gifford-Pinchot National Forest on this project. Following public scoping in February/March of 2012, an Environmental Assessment (EA) was prepared that addresses the proposed exploration plan and reasonable alternatives. NOTE: The public comment period for the EA has now been extended to August 15, 2012. more>>

  • Hardrock Prospecting Comment Period Extended News Release
  • Below is a comment form that will allow you to send your comments directly to the BLM. Please note, the comment form does not accept attachments. If you wish to refer and electronic document to the BLM please use the following email address: BLM_OR_Prospecting_EA@blm.gov.

    Your comments will be the most useful when they:

    • Are specific regarding likes and dislikes;
    • Explain what improvements can be made;
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    • Include a rationale for suggested changes.

    Useful comments often address one or more of the following:

    • New information or data that would have a bearing on the analysis.
    • Errors in the analysis, assumptions, methodology, or conclusions.
    • Requests for clarification.
    • Misinformation that could affect the outcome of the analysis.
    • A new alternative that differs from those proposed in the draft.
    • BLM will use comments that are specific and include rationale.
    • BLM will NOT consider or respond to opinions that are not specific or don't include rationale.
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    • BLM will NOT respond to duplicate comments, form letters, or votes.

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