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Seeds of Success


Seeds of Success (SOS) is an important part of the Plant Conservation Program and the Native Plant Material Development Program. As a seed collecting and storage program coordinated by the Bureau of Land Management and the Plant Conservation Alliance, the program's aim is to provide genetically appropriate seeds for restoration and rehabilitation work across BLM lands. By collecting seeds from diverse areas across the United States' ecoregions, Seeds of Success collectors are able to provide seeds that are genetically suited for the area they will be used in. The initial partnership has grown to include many additional partners who share a common protocol and coordinate with each other on species targeting in order to develop comprehensive seed collections.

The Seeds of Success program coordinates a national seed bank to use for direct seeding in restoration projects and studies. Portions of each seed collection are also held in storage facilities for future use. To date, Seeds of Success has over 6,689 different native seed collections in its national collection.

As part of an agreement with the Millennium Seed Bank (MSB), SOS collecting teams also collect seeds for the MSB Project. The MSB Project is an ex situ, or "offsite," conservation project hosted by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in Sussex, England. Many of the seeds collected for this project are rare or threatened; even today the bank holds seeds that are thought to be extinct in the wild.