Native Plant Material Development Program Oregon/Washington BLM



Native Plant Material Development Program

Balsamorhiza, photo courtesy of Candace Fallon
Balsamorhiza, photo courtesy of
Candace Fallon.

An integral part of the Plant Conservation Program, the Native Plant Material Development Program (NPMDP) was established in 2001. Coordinated through the Plant Conservation Alliance, the goal is to provide a stable supply of genetically appropriate native plant materials for restoration and rehabilitation projects on BLM public lands.

NPMDP projects include native plant material collection and production, research and development, outreach, and native plant project monitoring and evaluation. Through these projects, the BLM hopes to restore and sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of public lands.

The first native plant program in the BLM, the Pacific Northwest’s program was initiated in the early 1990s by the five western Oregon BLM districts. The Oregon west-side districts initiated a small-scale program for the development of native plant materials. With the establishment of the national NPMDP in 2001, the OR/WA BLM was able to expand their efforts to eastern Oregon and Washington. Field offices across the two states have completed a variety of restoration and research projects while working extensively with local seed growers, watershed councils, other federal agencies, and a variety of private companies and non-profit organizations.