Types of Solicitations Oregon/Washington BLM



Types of Solicitations

Depending on the requirement, one of three types of solicitations may be used as described below. To differentiate between the three, each OR/WA solicitation number includes one of the three letters, "Q" (Request for Quotation - RFQ), "B" (Invitation for Bid - IFB), or "P" (Request for Proposal - RFP). An example is solicitation number HAQ011003, which is an RFQ.

Type Description of Solicitation Type
RFQ Solicitation issued for non-commercial item requirements $100,000 or less, for pricing requests for task or delivery orders against previously-awarded contracts, and for commercial item buys up to $5 million. A verbal or written RFQ may be issued for requirements under $25,000, while a written RFQ is most often issued for requirements between $25,000 and $100,000. A quoter may change or withdraw its quote prior to award. Unsuccessful quotes remain confidential after award.
IFB Solicitation issued for requirements most often over $100,000. Formal public bid openings are conducted with all bids identified. The low bid is reviewed to ensure solicitation requirements are met (e.g., bid properly signed, amendments acknowledged as required, bonding submitted, etc.), with award being made to lowest bidder determined to be responsible. Opened bids may not be changed or withdrawn prior to award of a resultant contract.
RFP Solicitation issued for requirements, most often over $100,000, to be awarded on basis of evaluated technical and price proposals. Offerors propose method to satisfy Government requirements and its price to do so. Negotiation of the technical proposals and price proposals may be necessary. Offeror may withdraw its proposal at any time prior to contract award. Unsuccessful price proposals remain confidential after award.