WOPR Web Forum Comments Index

Listed on this page are over 2000 comments received by the BLM through the Internet Web Forum. The Web Forum was an interactive website contracted by the BLM to display the entire Draft EIS, provide supporting information, provide interactive maps of the area, and collect public comments. These tables below offer the substance of comments provided through the website.

Explanation of codes used:

  • SenderID - Refers to the personal information stored within the system. This personal information is not provided here.
  • Ref.# - This is the unique code provided to individuals who registered on the site. If you made note of your Reference Number, you can find your individual comments.
  • Comment Tool - This refers to where on the website comments were provided.
  • Personal Interest Codes - You will find codes such as "cb_mtnbiking" or "cb_scenicbeauty" within the "Comment" column. These codes refer to answers provided by the user to specific questions within the Interactive Map site. These two examples indicate that the commenter enjoyed mountain biking and scenic beauty. This information provides context to the comments provided.