O&C Lands

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O&C Lands Act of 1937

O&C Lands (continued)

Although some lands have been sold or traded over the years, much of the O&C lands retain the original “checkerboard” character. In general, O&C land is located in the odd-numbered sections and private land is located in the even-numbered sections. This creates management challenges for both the private landowners and the O&C land managers. In the Coast Range, checkerboard ownership is found throughout a typical watershed (private and public). In the Western Cascades, checkerboard is mostly in the lower part of a watershed (BLM and Private) with blocked USDA Forest Service management in headwaters. These ownership patterns have implications for resource management. For the BLM, the checkerboard can affect the agency’s ability to influence watershed or landscape processes.

All of the BLM Districts in western Oregon have current Resource Management Plans that were approved in 1995. These existing plans incorporated the land use allocations and Standards and Guidelines from the Northwest Forest Plan. They also included decisions on other issues or programs such as land tenure, off-highway vehicles, etc. The existing plans provide guidance for all activities that occur on BLM-administered lands. BLM will continue to manage these lands in accordance with the existing plans until the revised plans are completed, and Records of Decision are signed.