Salem Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Salem Record of Decision

Salem District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Protect lands with important resource values and/or significant levels of investment by withdrawing them from the operation of public land and mineral laws. Withdrawal is necessary to avoid irreparable damage that may be caused by nondiscretionary activities.

Land Use Allocations

Acres in existing withdrawals are shown in table 7. Acres of land classifications are shown in table 8.

BLM-proposed withdrawals are as follows:

Area Approx.
BLM Acres
Recreation Sites
(five existing sites and ten proposed sites)
Special Recreation Management Area
(Marys Peak)
Special Areas 7,300
Wild and Scenic Rivers
(designated and suitable for designation)
Progeny Test Sites 700
Lands along U.S. Highway 101
(see legal description in appendix I)

Management Actions/Direction

See Management of Newly Acquired Lands (toward the end of this chapter).

Complete the review of existing withdrawals to determine whether continuation of the withdrawal is consistent with the statutory objectives of the programs for which the lands were dedicated and with other important programs.

Terminate unnecessary or duplicative withdrawals and continue those which still meet the intent of the withdrawal. See table 7.

Prior to any management activity on withdrawn lands returned to BLM by termination or revocation, conduct required resource surveys and complete all required planning and environmental assessment work.

Initiate action on the BLM-proposed withdrawals listed under land use allocations. This will involve recommendations to and approval by the secretary of the Department of the Interior.

Evaluate future withdrawal proposals for compliance with program objectives and federal law and recommend appropriate action to the secretary of the Department of the Interior.

Limit withdrawals to the minimum area needed and restrict only those activities that would be detrimental to the purposes of the withdrawal.

When the lease for the J.J. Collins Memorial Park expires, review it and determine whether it should be extended. All other classifications will remain in effect during the life of the plan. See table 10.