Salem Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Salem Record of Decision

Salem District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Manage use of resources within Table Rock Wilderness to preserve the undisturbed natural integrity of the area.

Maintain the wilderness character of Little Sink Instant Study Area to comply with BLM's Wilderness Interim Management Policy.

Land Use Allocations

Area Name Wilderness Status Approx.
BLM Acres
Table Rock
Proposed Addition
Little Sink Instant Study Area 80  

See map 7 for the location of these areas.

Management Actions/Direction

Revise the Table Rock Wilderness management plan to address attainment of Aquatic Conservation Strategy objectives. Manage the wilderness in accordance with the revised plan.

Recommend to Congress that 350 acres of BLM-administered lands contiguous to the existing Table Rock Wilderness be designated a part of the wilderness to create a more logical and manageable boundary.

Complete rehabilitation projects within the proposed Table Rock Wilderness addition to restore native vegetation and create more natural appearing landscapes.

Follow interim management guidelines for the Little Sink Instant Study Area until a decision is made by Congress. Authorize no action that would diminish the suitability of the area as wilderness. Take appropriate actions following congressional decision.