Salem Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Salem Record of Decision

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Bureau of Land Management

Salem District Office
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Salem, Oregon 97306

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May 1995

Dear Reader:

This is a consolidated document which includes the Salem District Resource Management Plan and its record of decision. The plan was approved by the Oregon/Washington State Director, on May 12, 1995. The record of decision approves the Bureau of Land Management's decisions for managing 398,100 acres in portions of 12 northwest Oregon counties.

The record of decision was prepared in conformance with section 40, Code of Federal Regulations, part 1505.2, which requires a concise document linking the manager's decision to the analysis presented in the Salem District final environmental impact statement, dated September 1994. The record of decision shows how environmental impacts and other factors were considered in the decision-making process. The record of decision documents approval and adoption of the preferred alternative, as described in the Salem District Proposed Resource Management Plan/Final Environmental Impact Statement. Minor differences from the final environmental impact statement, volume I, chapter 2 - Proposed Action, or points of clarification in land use allocations or management direction have been incorporated in response to public comment on the final environmental impact statement and ongoing staff review.

The director of the Bureau of Land Management determined that there were eight valid protests on the Salem District Proposed Resource Management Plan/Final Environmental Impact Statement. After careful consideration of all points raised in those protests, the director concluded that the planning team and decision-makers followed the applicable planning procedures, laws, regulations, policies and resource considerations in developing the proposed resource management plan. In addition, the governor of Oregon was provided a formal opportunity to review the proposed plan for conformance with officially approved or adopted natural resource-related plans, programs or policies of the state or local governments. There were no objections from the governor.

This document has been sent to all those individuals and groups who were on the mailing list for the Salem District Proposed Resource Management Plan/Final Environmental Impact Statement. The full supporting record for the approved resource management plan is available for inspection in the Salem District Office, at the address shown above. Copies of draft and final environmental impact statements are also available for inspection in the public room at the BLM Oregon/Washington State Office, 1515 SW Fifth Street, Portland, Oregon, and at local libraries. Due to the cost of publication and the expected long-term use of these documents, we urge you to retain your personal copies of each of these documents for future reference.

Although this document contains a map packet with critical information on major land use allocations and management prescriptions, some of the maps will require periodic updating as we implement the approved plans, collect and analyze more information, and practice adaptive management. In addition, district maps will be developed to provide more detailed information for off-highway-vehicle management designations and mineral and energy development restrictions and made available to the public.

We are pleased to provide this copy for your reference and we extend our appreciation for your interest, cooperation, and assistance during this planning process. We encourage you to stay informed and involved as we implement, monitor, and evaluate the plan.


Van Manning, Salem District Manager