Salem Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Salem Record of Decision

Salem District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Appendix H

Land Tenure Adjustment Criteria

The following criteria would be used to evaluate opportunities for disposal or acquisition of lands to meet resource management objectives for multiple use and sustained yield. This is in accordance with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and other laws, executive orders, departmental and bureau policy. This list is not all inclusive.

  • Threatened, endangered or sensitive plant and animal species habitat
  • Riparian areas and wetlands
  • Fish habitat
  • Nesting/breeding habitat for game and nongame animals
  • Key big game seasonal habitat
  • Developed recreation sites and recreation use areas
  • High quality scenery
  • Energy and mineral potential
  • Land adjacent to rivers eligible for designation under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
  • Public health and safety
  • Significant cultural resources and sites eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places
  • Designated wilderness areas and areas being studied for possible wilderness designation
  • Accessibility of the land for public recreation and other uses
  • Amount of public investments in facilities or improvements and the potential for recovering those investments
  • Difficulty or cost of administration (manageability)
  • Suitability of the land for management by another federal agency
  • Significance of the decision in stabilizing business, social and economic conditions, and/or lifestyles
  • Whether private sites exist for the proposed use
  • Encumbrances, including but not limited to, withdrawals or existing leases or permits
  • Consistency with cooperative agreements and plans or policies of other agencies
  • Suitability (need for change in land ownership or use) for purposes including but not limited to community expansion or economic development, such as industrial, residential, or agricultural (other than grazing) development