Salem Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Salem Record of Decision

Salem District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Air Quality


Continue efforts to meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards, Prevention of Significant Deterioration goals, and the visibility protection plan.

Maintain and enhance air quality and visibility in a manner consistent with the Clean Air Act and the state implementation plan.

Reduce the potential for wildfire emissions through the use of prescribed fire and other fuels management techniques.

Land Use Allocations


Management Actions/Direction

By the year 2000, reduce particulate matter emissions and impacts from prescribed burning by 50 percent from the baseline period (1976-1979). This will be accomplished by planning, conducting, monitoring, and, if necessary, adjusting prescribed fire activities in accordance with the Oregon state implementation plan and the Oregon Smoke Management Plan (see Fire/Fuels Management section).

Reduce broadcast burning in favor of lower intensity under burning. Use emission reduction mitigation measures and smoke dispersal techniques to the greatest extent practical. Wildfire hazard reduction, site preparation, and the use of prescribed fire for species habitat mitigation will be implemented in a manner consistent with ecosystem management.

Consider alternative emission reduction techniques whenever they are compatible with land allocation objectives and other management actions/direction. See the Air Quality Analysis section of the SEIS for alternative treatments that may be considered during fuels management project design.

Where needed, use dust abatement measures on roads during BLM timber harvest operations or other BLM commodity hauling activity. Encourage dust abatement measures when haulers use BLM roads under permits and right-of-way agreements.

Promote burning of dry fuelwood through activities such as making available copies of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality publications to fuelwood purchasers.