Klamath Falls Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Klamath Falls Record of Decision

Klamath Falls District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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The Bureau of Land Management will manage the land and natural resources under its jurisdiction in western Oregon to help enhance and maintain the ecological health of the environment and the social well being of human populations.

There are several basic principles supporting this vision:

  • natural resources can be managed to provide for human use and a healthy environment;
  • resource management must be focused on ecological principles to reduce the need for single resource or single species management;
  • stewardship, the involvement of people working with natural processes, is essential for successful implementation;
  • the Bureau of Land Management cannot achieve this vision alone, but can, by its management processes and through cooperation with others, be a significant contributor to its achievement; and
  • a carefully designed program of monitoring, research, and adaptation will be the change mechanism for achieving this vision.