Klamath Falls Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Klamath Falls Record of Decision

Klamath Falls District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Table 8. Special Forest/Natural Products

  Limited Harvest No Harvest
Areas of critical environmental concern X  
Research natural areas   X
Environmental education areas X  
Special habitats   X
White oak woodlands X  
Developed recreation sites X  
Known cultural resource sites   X
Wetlands X  
Fragile soils areas X  
Special status fauna or flora sites   X
Late-Successional/District Designated Reserve Buffers X  
Late-Successional/District Designated Reserves   X
Riparian Reserves X  
Key Watersheds X  
Wilderness Study Area   X

Plant Species or Group
Lily family (Liliaceae) X  
Orchid family (Orchidaceae) X  
Iris family (Iridaceae) except common iris X  
Special status plant species   X
Lichens X  
Ferns X  
Conifer boughs X  
Mosses X  
Mushrooms X  
Cones X  
Mushrooms X  
Incense Cedar Boughs X  
Christmas Trees X  
Juniper Boughs X  
Manzanita Boughs X  
Juniper Seedlings X  
Aspen Seedlings X  
Pacific Yew   X