Klamath Falls Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Klamath Falls Record of Decision

Klamath Falls District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Socioeconomic Conditions


Contribute to local, state, national, and international economies through sustainable use of BLM-administered lands and resources and use of innovative contracting and other implementation strategies.

Provide amenities (for example, recreation facilities, protected special areas, and high quality fisheries) that enhance communities as places to live, work, and visit.

Land Use Allocations

There are no specific land use allocations related to socioeconomic conditions. However, allocations such as the Matrix (General Forest Management Area), recreation facilities, and range lands can assist in meeting socioeconomic objectives.

Management Actions/Direction

Support and assist the state of Oregon Economic Development Department's efforts to help rural, resource-based communities develop and implement alternative economic strategies as a partial substitute for declining timber-based economies. Aid and support could include: increased coordination with state and local governments and citizens to prioritize BLM management and development activities; increased emphasis on management of special forest/natural products; and recreation development and other activities identified by the BLM and the involved communities as benefiting identified economic strategies.

Improve wildlife and fish habitat to enhance hunting and fishing opportunities and to increase the economic returns generated by these activities.

Improve viewing opportunities for watchable wildlife in the Gerber block area, Klamath River canyon, Topsy recreation site, and other sites as they arise.

Plan and design forest and livestock management activities to produce a sustained yield of products to support local and regional economic activity. A diversity of forest products (timber and non-timber) will be offered to support large and small commercial operations and provide for personal use.