Eugene Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

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Eugene Record of Decision

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Protect lands with important resource values and/or significant levels of investment by withdrawing them from the operation of public land and mineral laws. Withdrawal is necessary to avoid irreparable damage that may be caused by nondiscretionary activities.

Land Use Allocations

Recommendations for revocation or modification of existing withdrawals are shown in Table 18. Those portions of the listed withdrawals not recommended for revocation or modification are recommended for continuation.

Recommendations for the establishment of new withdrawals are shown in Appendix L. In addition, new withdrawals from the public land laws, including location under the mining laws but not leasing under the mineral leasing laws, are recommended for lands acquired in the future for the West Eugene Wetlands Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Project, for any other LWCF projects, for the extension of the Row River Trail eastward from Culp Creek to the Umpqua National Forest boundary and also for any lands acquired in the future for management primarily for recreation sites, Special Status Species, or SEIS Special Attention Species.

All existing classifications shown in Appendix K are recommended for continuation as long as the existing Recreation and Public Purposes Act leases are in effect.

Management Actions/Direction

See Management of Newly Acquired Lands (toward the end of this chapter).

Complete the review of existing withdrawals to determine whether continuation of the withdrawal is consistent with the statutory objectives of the programs for which the lands were dedicated and with other important programs.

Terminate unnecessary or duplicative withdrawals and continue those which still meet the intent of the withdrawal.

Implement the BLM proposed withdrawals listed under land use allocations. This will involve recommendations to and approval by the Secretary of the Interior.

Evaluate future withdrawal proposals for compliance with program objectives and Federal law and recommend appropriate action to the Secretary of the Interior.

Limit withdrawals to the minimum area needed and restrict only those activities that would be detrimental to the purposes of the withdrawal.

Terminate the classification for any Recreation and Public Purposes Act lease that is relinquished or otherwise terminated in the future.

Upon the revocation, partial revocation, modification or termination of any existing withdrawal or classification shown in Appendix K, manage the lands released as provided elsewhere in this plan.

Upon the modification of existing withdrawals as shown in Table 18 to open them to leasing under the mineral leasing laws, open the lands for leasing, subject to the restrictions and stipulations specified elsewhere in this plan and also subject to the recommendations of the withdrawal agency.