Table 7 - Sensitive Plant Reserve Protection by Species in the Eugene District

Species   Category   Reserved
Lomatium bradshawii   FE   17
Abronia umbellata   FC2   1
Aster vialis   FC2   493
Montia howellii   FC2   7
Erigeron decumbens var. decumbens   FC2   79
Aster curtus   FC2   79
Frasera umpquaensis   FC2   29
Horkelia congesta ssp. congesta   FC2   17
Cimicifuga elata   FC2   521
Lycopodiella inundata   AS   6
Cicendia quadrangularis   AS   10
Utricularia gibba   AS   6
Campylopus schmidii   AS   1
Total Acres       1,0441
FE = Federal Endangered
FC = Federal Candidate
BS = BLM Bureau Sensitive
AS = BLM Assessment Species
1Column acres will not total 1,044. Several species occur together at the same sites, and were not counted twice for the same acres.
2In most cases all Special Status Plant sites include adequate buffers to protect and to manage the species. Reserve acres are expected to change as new sites are located.