Table 12 - Existing Recreation Trails and Sites in the Eugene District

Existing Trails   Type of Trail
Eagle's Rest Hiking   (0.7 mile1)
FS Trail #3462 (portion on BLM)   Hiking (0.2 mile)
Row River   Hiking/bicycling/equestrian (14 miles)
Shotgun Trail System   Hiking (5.7 miles)
Tyrrell Forest Succession Interpretive   Hiking (1 mile)
Whittaker Creek Old Growth Ridge   Hiking (1 mile)
Total: 6 trails (23 miles)    
Existing SRMA   Type of Site
Shotgun Recreation Site   day use
Existing Sites/Areas   Type of Site
Clay Creek Campground   camp/day use
Willamette Greenway Tract (leased to State)   Greenway use (R&PP lease)
Haight Creek Campground*   camp/day use (closed)
Lake Creek Campground*   camp/day use (closed)
McKercher Park (County Park)   day use (R&PP lease)
Marten Rapids (County Park)* day use   (closed, R&PP lease)
Rennie Landing   boat landing
Sharps Creek Campground   camp/day use
Silver Creek Landing   boat landing
Taylor Landing   boat landing
Whitewater Park (County Park)*   day use (closed, R&PP lease)
Whittaker Creek Campground   camp/day use
Whittaker Creek Landing   boat landing
Total: 13 sites    
Note: It was decided in the PRMP to keep Turner Creek closed and return it to the land base.
1Miles are rounded from GIS calculations and reflect total trail miles on BLM and private land
*Also on Table 11 as these sites are currently not maintained and closed, and are proposed to be reopened. Refer to the text.